Research Grants


The Israel Institute offers research grants for substantive research on modern Israel. These grants facilitate the research and writing of books or scholarly articles that make an original contribution to the field of Israel Studies and promote a greater understanding of modern Israel. Areas of study include, but are not limited to, Israeli history, politics, economics, and law. 


This program has two tracks:

Post-Doctoral Research Grants: These grants are available to scholars who have finished their doctoral work within the past three years and are currently engaged in a formal post-doctoral placement.

Faculty Research Grants: This program is intended for professional academics who have completed their doctoral and post-doctoral work and who are affiliated with an institute of higher learning or research institution.  


The Institute offers grants of up to $8,000 per research project, to both individual researchers and research groups (for research groups, please note that grant proposals should list the names of all researchers and designate a lead researcher). Grants may be used to support travel, data collection, primary source translation, and more. 

Proposals are vetted by an independent committee, who then determines the award amount. Successful proposals demonstrate why a particular topic needs to be explored, what gap(s) the research will fill, and how the research project will successfully accomplish its proposed goals.

Grant RECIPIENT Commitments

Research Grant recipients must agree to our list of commitments.


If you are awarded a Research Grant, you must agree to the following:

  1. Spend the grant in accordance with the submitted proposal and budget;
  2. Acknowledge Israel Institute support in all published work produced in connection with the project;
  3. Allow the Israel Institute to publicize your name and a brief summary of your proposal;
  4. Notify the Israel Institute of, and send a copy of, all publications produced in connection with the project;
  5. If asked, give two Israel Institute-sponsored public lectures and/or write a short essay for the Institute’s magazine; and
  6. Disclose additional sources of funding for this research project.
  7. Post-Doctoral applicants must also submit proof of Ph.D. completion before the grant is awarded.


This program has a multi-part application process.

The next deadline for applications is April 15, 2018.


To be considered for a Research Grant, please submit the following materials:

  1. Our online application;
  2. A complete academic curriculum vitae (CV) that includes a full list of publications. If applicable, please include a complete academic CV for each additional scholar or researcher involved in your proposal;
  3. A formal research proposal of no more than 7 double-spaced pages (not including references). Please include your name and the title of your research project on your proposal. Please use the following categories and format for your proposal:

             a. Introduction: Introduce the topic and explain why the study is important.

             b. Contribution to the Field: Please explicitly address who can use the results of the study, how the results can be used, and what you expect to produce once the grant period is completed.

             c. Literature Review: Put your research in the context of existing research, explaining what lacuna your project will fill.

             d. Research Questions and/or Hypotheses: Provide your research questions and/or hypotheses.

             e. Methodology: Explain how you will collect your data and what method you will use to conduct your research.

             f. Budget: Provide a detailed budget for how you will spend the grant.

NOTE: Please include your full name on all documents you upload with your application.