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Lilach Lachman

Expert in Literature, Film/TV/Theater
Academic Year
Boston University

Lilach Lachman lectures in the Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at Haifa University. Dr. Lachman teaches Israeli and Jewish literature with an emphasis on modern, poetry and film. Her fields of interest are modernism, minor historiographies, feminist voices and perspectives, the question of identity and memory, and translation and translation studies. She has published numerous essays and articles on Romantic, modern, and post-modern poetry and has been a contributor to the Haaretz Book Review since the 1990s. Dr. Lachman's forthcoming book, Avodat Hazikhronot: Avot Yeshurun and Poetic Historiography, focuses on the poet's pioneering memory-oriented perspective, a perspective that introduces a new poetic and historiographic vocabulary to the image of a conflicted identity. Current projects focus on multi-vocality in the lullaby and on poetic historiography, especially in women’s writing.