Two forthcoming books in Israel Studies

November 17, 2015

Books by two recipients of Israel Institute grants, Dr. Liav Orgad and Dr. Lihi Ben Shitrit, are available for purchase online. 

Dr. Liav Orgad's book, The Cultural Defense of Nations: A Liberal Theory of Majority Rights, offers a comprehensive analysis of a key issue in constitutional theory-national identity and human rights -- majority rights. This book shifts the focus from the prevailing legal discussion of minority rights and, for the first time, directly addresses the cultural rights of majorities. It is available via Oxford University Press and

Dr. Lihi Ben Shitrit's book, Righteous Transgressions: Women’s Activism on the Israeli and Palestinian Religious Right, explores how women in conservative religious movements expand spaces for political activism. Righteous Transgressions examines how and why women-led activism happens in some movements but not in others by looking at the four most influential political movements of the Israeli and Palestinian religious right – the Jewish settlers in the West Bank, the ultra-Orthodox Shas, the Islamic Movement in Israel, and the Palestinian Hamas. It is available via Princeton University Press and