Israel: State and Society

October 5, 2016
New MOOC Expands Israel Studies Online

On October 1, 2016, the Israel Institute, in partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Social Sciences, launched Israel: State and Society on Coursera. 

This course presents Israel from multiple perspectives - political, social, economic, and cultural - in an attempt to expose learners to cutting edge academic research on the country. Students will graduate from the course with a better understanding of Israeli society and the varying groups from which society is comprised, as well as a better knowledge of Israeli history, politics, and the economy. 

The course is aimed at undergraduate students and the general public, seeking a better understanding of Israeli politics and society in its broadest sense.

Taught by: Michal Frenkel, Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

To learn more about the course and to register, please visit: