July 25, 2021
Congratulations to Dr. Tamara Cofman Wittes

The Israel Institute congratulates our advisory board member, Dr. Tamara Cofman Wittes on her nomination as Assistant Administrator for USAID for the Middle East. 


Dr. Cofman Wittes has been a member of the Israel Institute’s advisory board since the founding of the Institute in 2012.  During her many years of service, Dr. Cofman Wittes has given generously of her time, her energy and her wisdom in providing invaluable counsel to the Institute’s leadership on Israel Studies, especially in the policy development and analysis arena.  


Dr. Cofman Wittes' insistence on the necessity to elevate women’s voices in foreign policy and to ensure greater diversity and inclusion in Israel Studies has been a driving force within the Israel Institute for our ongoing process of self-reflection and a constant striving for improvement within our own organization and the field in which we work.


We wish Dr. Cofman Wittes every success in her service to the government of the United States.