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March 28, 2016 -
Israel Institute Doctoral Fellow Niva Golan-Nadir co-authored an article that found that businesspeople, although motivated by economic profits, undertake activities that may prove very beneficial to both themselves and society.
Policy Studies
Journal Article - Conflict Resolution, Israel & The Middle East
January 5, 2016 -
Liav Orgad, an Israel Institute research grant recipient, offers a comprehensive analysis of the cultural rights of majorities, an underrepresented issue in constitutional theory, national identity, and human rights in her new book.
Oxford University Press
Publication - Politics & International Relations
December 8, 2015 -
Israel Institute research grant recipient Lihi Ben Shitrit's new book explores how women in conservative religious movements expand spaces for political activism.
Princeton University Press
Publication - Gender & Women's Studies, History & Religion, Israel & The Middle East
September 22, 2014 -
Jonathan Marc Gribetz, recipient of an Israel Institute book grant, sheds new light on how Zionists and Arabs understood each other in the earliest years of Zionist settlement in Palestine and challenges the current singular focus on boundaries as the main obstacle to peace.
Princeton University Press
Publication - History & Religion, Israel & The Middle East
January 14, 2014 -
Israel Institute Executive Director Dr. Ariel Ilan Roth discusses potential Israeli reactions to the United States' nuclear engagement with Iran.
Foreign Affairs
Article - Israel & The Middle East, Security & Defense
December 9, 2013 -
Critics choice for best Israeli creation – in Hebrew calendar year 2012-2013 – is "Two Room Apartment" by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Israel Institute artists-in-residence.
DanceTalk / ריקודיבור
Award - Arts & Culture
May 15, 2013 -
President of the Israel Institute and former ambassador Itamar Rabinovich assesses Israel's policy vis-a-vis Syria.
The Times of Israel
Blog - Israel & The Middle East, Politics & International Relations
April 9, 2013 -
Amb. Itamar Rabinovich, president of the Israel Institute, offers his take on U.S. and Israel policy on Syria.
The Times of Israel
Blog - Israel & The Middle East, Politics & International Relations