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July 12, 2017 -

This comprehensive landmark study written by Israel Institute Teaching Fellow Ned Lazarus shows that grassroots Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding projects work, are a vital missing ingredient in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and should receive much more support from the international community.

BICOM & Fathom Journal
Journal Article - Conflict Resolution, Israel & The Middle East
July 1, 2017 -

Israel Institute President Itamar Rabinovich reviews Oslo, a new play written by J.T. Rogers and directed by Bartlett Sher that is finishing its run at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.

Jewish Review of Books
Article - Arts & Culture, Politics & International Relations
May 19, 2017 -
Israel Institute Doctoral Fellow discusses the geopolitics of Israel and Turkey.
Matzav Blog
Blog - Israel & The Middle East, Politics & International Relations
May 2, 2017 -
Research grant recipient Lihi Ben Shitrit demonstrates how attention to gender and to women's engagement in inter-communal conflict over sacred places can illuminate unique intra-communal processes that aim to make a contested sacred site increasingly indivisible for parties to the conflict.
Politics and Religion
Journal Article - Gender & Women's Studies, Israel & The Middle East
April 28, 2017 -
Writer Larry Wilson joins a class on computational poetry taught by Eran Hadas, Israel Institute artist-in-residence at Caltech.
Los Angeles Daily News
Article - Arts & Culture
April 26, 2017 -
Israel Institute Visiting Professor Udi Sommer visited DePaul University to deliver a lecture titled, "100 Days into the Trump Administration: Legal and Political Perspectives."
Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies (DePaul University College of Law)
Video - Israel & The Middle East, Politics & International Relations
April 25, 2017 -

The Israel Institute supported the translation and publication of Dorit Rabinyan's Hebrew book, Borderlife, into English (All the Rivers).

Penguin Random House
Publication - Israel & The Middle East, Language & Literature
April 20, 2017 -

The Jewish Women's Archive's Nahanni Rous catches up with Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan about her novel All the Rivers, an Israeli-Palestinian love affair that confronts themes of borders, identity, and assimilation. Rabinyan received support from the Israel Institute that facilitated the translation of her book from Hebrew into English.

Jewish Women's Archive
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