Oryan Yohanan

Oryan Yohanan

Residency Dates:
Spring 2020

Oryan Yohanan is a multi-disciplinary artist, choreographer, award-winning dancer, and improvisation performance artist who began her career as a principal dancer in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Since 2013, she has created over 11 multi-disciplinary performance projects, many of which explore gender roles and expectations, including her solo shows I DARE U and SHOOT ME. She has been awarded three scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and, in 2014, was awarded the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s prize for Best Performing Artist. California Institute of the Arts, School of Theater, Spring 2020.

See Oryan's work at: https://www.oryanyohanan.com

Israel Institute Grants

  • Grant Award Year
    (in Academic Years)
  • Israel Institute Program
  • Institutional Affiliation during Grant Term
  1. 2019-2020
    Visiting Artist Program
    California Institute of the Arts