Publication Support


The Israel Institute provides grants in support of forthcoming books in the field of Israel Studies written in English that have already been accepted for publication by leading university presses. Grants may also be provided for the translation of major contributions to the field written and published in Hebrew. Publication Support Grants seek to facilitate the publication of books that make an original contribution to the field of Israel Studies and/or promote a greater understanding of modern Israel.


This program is intended for scholars whose books have been accepted by a leading academic press. To have a Hebrew book considered for translation support, the title must have already been accepted for publication in English at the time the grant application is submitted.


The Institute offers up to $5,000 in subvention support. Funds may be used for specific publication components such as editing, indexing, graphics design, permissions, maps, illustration, and image rights. Grants may not cover personal living expenses or travel, nor are they intended to support the applicant's research. Successful grant proposals will demonstrate why the subject of the book is an area worthy of examination, how the subject matter will enrich the field of Israel Studies, and how the monograph will attract lay readers (those who may be acquainted with the subject but are not exclusively scholars or specialists).

The Israel Institute must be acknowledged in the publication for its support. This should be done prior to receiving the manuscript proofs from the publisher.

Grant Recipient COMMITMENTs

Publication Support Grant recipients must agree to our list of commitments.


If you are awarded a Publication Support Grant, you must agree to:

  1. Spend the Grant Award in accordance with the proposal and budget submitted to the Israel Institute;
  2. Acknowledge the support of the Israel Institute in the published work produced in connection with the Grant;
  3. Notify the Israel Institute of, and send a copy of, the publication produced in connection with the Grant; and
  4. Allow the Institute to use your name, photo, biography, and publication on our website and in publicity materials.


This program has a multi-part application process.

This application is currently closed.


To be considered for a Publication Support Grant, please submit the following materials:

  1. A high-resolution headshot (300 ppi);
  2. Acceptance letter from a leading university press or, preferably, a letter indicating the current publication status of the manuscript;
  3. A complete academic curriculum vitae (C.V.) that includes a full list of your publications;
  4. A proposal of no more than five double-spaced pages describing your book project, including how it will make an original scholarly contribution to the field of Israel Studies, and outlining a promotion plan for the book (e.g. through academic and non-academic conferences, book tour, op-eds, social media) to attract both scholars and the general public;
  5. The manuscript’s table of contents (including chapter titles and authors’ names if this is an edited volume); and  
  6. A detailed budget (in US Dollars) explaining how the Grant will be used towards publication.

NOTE: Please include your full name on all documents you submit with your application.