AXUM (Tedross, Judah)

AXUM (Tedross, Judah)

Rising from poverty and extreme hardship on the streets of Netanya, today Axum is an in-your-face, one-of-a-kind duo that has broadened Israel's definition of Hip-Hop, Reggae & Dancehall with their unique Middle Eastern and Ethiopian sounds.

Axum is composed of Judah (Gilor Yehuda) and Tedross (Reuben Aragai); both men have humbling backgrounds that yearn to be expressed by music. Tedross was one of the first Ethiopian-Israelis to be born in the State of Israel. In 1980, his mother carried him from Ethiopia to Israel in her womb. Language and financial difficulties caused his family to move from town to town for years until they finally settling in Netanya when Tedross was 13. Judah was born and raised in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Netanya, and moved out on his own at the age of 16. When Tedross and Judah met as teenagers in Netanya, their relationship started out rocky. But with time, the duo realized their mutual love of rap and reggae music and recognized the potential to be great collaborators. The two have been inseparable since.

Axum’s self-titled debut album, produced by Sabbo & Rob of Soulico, was well received around the country. Israel's best-selling newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, labeled Axum “Israel's biggest hip hop hope.” Having already toured Israel and the US several times, the dynamic duo continues to develop a charismatic show that is sure to get you out of your chair and onto the dance floor. In March and April of 2010, Axum stayed in Atlanta, Georgia, for two months, giving frequent performances and collaborating with local artists, as part of the Israel Institute Visiting Artists Program. To listen:

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