Post-Doctoral Fellow Elad Popovich Featured in The National Interest

Check out the latest piece from second-year Post-Doctoral Fellow Elad Popovich, "Israel and Turkey's Rocky Road Back to Diplomacy," featured in The National Interest

Elad Popovich is an Israel Institute Research Fellow in the Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University's School for International and Public Affairs (SIPA).

Schusterman Visiting Israeli Artists Win Award for Best Israeli Creation

Schusterman Visiting Israeli Artists Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor received an award from the Israel Dance Critics' Circle for the best Israeli creation.  The award recognizes the piece "Two Room Apartment."  Sheinfeld and Laor will be in residence at Rutgers University during the spring semester, where they will teach classes on dance technique and advanced improvisation and performance.  To learn more about the program and the artists, click here.

An Evening with Keren Peles

The Israel Institute sponsored an intimate performance on Sunday night in Washington, DC by Keren Peles, one of the most successful and influential Israeli singer-songwriters in recent years.  The concert was Peles’ first performance in the United States.

New threats and opportunities for Israel amidst regional turmoil, say Middle East experts at Washington event

Israel faces a complex security environment amidst dramatic changes in the region and there is no certainty about what the future may bring according to a group of Middle East experts at the Israel Institute Forum in Washington, DC.  

“While the danger of conventional war is remote, Israel continues to face serious challenges” said Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States and current president of the Israel Institute Itamar Rabinovich, the moderator of the Forum.

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Association for Israel Studies (AIS)-Israel Institute Prizes

The Israel Institute is proud to announce the 2013 winners of the AIS-Israel Institute Lifetime Achievement Award and Young Scholar Award.


AIS-Israel Institute Lifetime Achievement Award: Myron (Mike) Aronoff

President Itamar Rabinovich's Monthly Column in The Times of Israel

On May 15, 2013, The Times of Israel published Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich's second column posting.  The topic of this post is Israel's policy vis a vis Syria and it can be read here.  

President Itamar Rabinovich Inaugurates Monthly Column in The Times of Israel

On April 9, 2013, The Times of Israel published Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich's inaugural column, which will appear on a monthly basis.  The topic of the first posting is American and Israeli policies on Syria and it can be read here.  

Interview with President Itamar Rabinovich in Yediot America

Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich, President of the Israel Institute, was interviewed for an article published in Yediot America on March 29, 2013.  In the article, Ambassador Rabinovich discusses his life and his current role at the Israel Institute.  Read the article, "Ambassador, Professor and a Gentleman" (in Hebrew) here.  

President Itamar Rabinovich Appears on Charlie Rose

On March 21, 2013, Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich was a guest on Charlie Rose.  Ambassador Rabinovich and Martin Indyk, of the Brookings Institution, spoke about President Obama’s speech in Jerusalem during his recent trip to Israel.  Watch here.   

Israel Institute Press Release

Washington, D.C., February 26, 2012 – A new institute has launched to advance the study of modern Israel in the United States and around the world. The independent, non-partisan Israel Institute will support scholarship, teaching and research in an array of academic and cultural disciplines—including history, politics, international relations, economics, society, culture, art and literature—to foster deeper, more multi-faceted knowledge of modern Israel.