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The Israel Institute enhances knowledge about modern Israel through the expansion of accessible, innovative learning opportunities, on and beyond campus. The Institute's many programs and initiatives advance rigorous teaching, research, and discourse about modern Israel.

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We have new phone numbers! Click on the image to note our new phone numbers as well as changes to our academic program offerings.

2019 Guide to Experts: Visiting Israeli faculty and artists are available to give talks and performances on campus and in the wider community.

You are welcome to download this Israel's Foreign Policy Sample Syllabus as a model for your own Israel Studies course.

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April 25, 2019 -

"Eytan Gilboa, who is Director of the Center of International Communication at Bar-Ilan University in Israel and Visiting Israel Institute Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication, said that the mock press conference was highly successful as it allowed his students to "experience" both the complicated issues involved and the work diplomats and journalists pursue in international conflicts."

April 8, 2019 -

Spring at Oberlin College means different things to different people, but for the dance students, it means being able to showcase a semester’s worth of hard work and dedication. This spring, there is the added bonus of performing the choreography and teachings of visiting teachers Gil Kerer and Alon Karniel at the Spring Back performance.