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The Israel Institute enhances knowledge about modern Israel through the expansion of accessible, innovative learning opportunities, on and beyond campus. The Institute's many programs and initiatives advance rigorous teaching, research, and discourse about modern Israel.

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2018 Guide to Experts: Visiting Israeli faculty and artists are available to give talks and performances on campus and in the wider community.

You are welcome to download this Israel's Foreign Policy Sample Syllabus as a model for your own Israel Studies course.

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Feb 4
Davis, California
Single Day Event
January 17, 2019 -

In “Paper Cut,” from Israeli theater artist Yael Rasooly, at the Chopin Theatre Jan. 18-20, a secretary (Rasooly) falls after-hours into a Hollywood daydream, which Rasooly brings to life through the clever manipulation of old stills of movie stars, using masks and paper dolls and tear-away sheets to create a Hitchcockian suspense tale (with a little “Gaslight” tossed in).

December 20, 2018 -

On Thursday, December 6, Professor Yitzhak Reiter's class on "Jerusalem in Regional Politics" culminated with a class simulation of the Israel-Palestine conflict. According to Dr. Reiter, "The simulation was a training tool for engaging the students in 'real politics,' understanding the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and focusing on the special topic of Jerusalem as a city holy to the world’s three largest monotheistic religions and as a rallying point for opposing groups in the Middle East."