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Invite a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships supports Israeli postdocs interested in placements in the United States.

Program Overview

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows typically stay at a single school for three years and teach at least four courses a year, three of which focus on modern Israel. Each year, Fellows also speak at four public or academic events outside the classroom.

Course Requirements

Courses may be taught in any discipline. To be considered Israel-focused, at least sixty percent of the topics and readings must be about modern Israel.

Courses must be listed at the undergraduate level, taught in person, and last an entire semester or quarter (at least 10 weeks) during the regular academic year. Fellows do not teach online, graduate, intensive, or summer courses.

Host Requirements

Host universities provide an on-campus office (shared is fine); sponsor the postdocā€™s visa; ensure access to university health insurance for the scholar and any immediate family; and make efforts to ensure courses have enrollment of twenty students or more.

Institute Support

Each year the Israel Institute awards three-year grants to a selective cohort of applicants. These awardees take their grants to universities on the condition that the university agrees to host the postdoc and run their courses. The Institute will then contract with the university to transfer a grant to cover the postdoc’s salary and benefits (within limits).

If you are contacted by a scholar who has been awarded a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship or if you have not been contacted but want to host a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, feel free to reach out to our Program Director, Dr. Erika Falk to talk about how our programs work.

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Visiting Faculty

Our Visiting Faculty Program supports Israeli faculty in teaching for a year at American universities.
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Interested in hosting a shorter-term visitor?