Dvaita Lakshmin, UCLA

Dvaita Lakshmin (UCLA): "This class was truly eye-opening and provided a platform to discuss new ideas and create cross-cultural references... Previously, I had no prior knowledge on Israeli culture and society."

David Bridel, Dean, USC School of Dramatic Arts on Lilach Dekel-Avneri's theater residency

David Bridel (Dean, USC School of Dramatic Arts): “The artist’s residency was a highly successful, intellectually stimulating, and culturally rewarding experience for our faculty and students. She brought tremendous value to our academy in precisely the right manner. Thanks to the Institute for providing us with such a positive and memorable program."

Daniel Weiss, University of Chicago

Daniel Weiss (University of Chicago): "Many students learn about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Facebook... I find that it is very important that we have professors that come to American universities and teach about Israel."

Tamara Shamir, Harvard University

Tamara Shamir (Harvard): "I came into the course hoping to learn more about human rights law, and I certainly did, but I also got a chance to engage with Israeli culture and history in a way that I never had and never expected to."