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Invite an Israeli Adjunct

Israel Studies Teaching Supplement grants support Israeli scholars as adjuncts at U.S. colleges and universities.

Program Overview

The Israel Studies Teaching Supplement program supports teaching about Israel by Israeli doctoral students, postdocs, spousal appointments, independent or other Israeli scholars who already live in the United States and who have unfunded/underfunded research appointments.

Program Requirements

Faculty Eligibility
  • Israeli scholars must have a PhD or be currently enrolled in a doctoral program.
Course Requirements
  • Invited faculty members must teach at least one undergraduate, Israel-focused course.
  • Courses may be in any discipline, but to be considered Israel-focused at least sixty percent of the topics and readings must be about modern Israel.
  • Courses must be listed at the undergraduate level, taught in person, and last an entire semester or quarter (10-week minimum).
  • Teaching Supplement grants do not support online, summer, or intensive courses.


Institute grants can be paid directly to the visitor or to the host school. Israeli scholars located in the United States may apply for up to $10,000 per semester-long course ($8,000 per 10-week quarter). Israel Institute grants do not pay for college/university administrative costs, fees, overhead, or indirect costs.

Inviting an Israeli Instructor

When inviting an Israeli scholar to your school we will need a formal invitation on university letterhead.

Please make sure your invitation contains the following guarantees:

  • To offer at least one full-term, three-credit, in-person undergraduate course that the scholar will teach about modern Israel;
  • To sponsor the visa for the scholar (if needed); and
  • To make an effort to ensure robust enrollment, including ensuring that courses are cross-listed and/or meet major/minor/general education requirements.

Download a customizable template for a university invitation.


Visiting Faculty Prorgram

The Visiting Faculty Program enables faculty with full-time positions at Israeli colleges and universities to participate in one-year teaching exchanges at top universities in the United States.
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