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Faculty Development Grants

Faculty Development Grants provide funding to American tenure-line faculty members who want to add Israel-focused courses to their teaching portfolios.
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Academic Year 2023-2024


February 13, 2024

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The Israel Institute offers Faculty Development Grants to tenure-line faculty members in the United States and Canada who want to add Israel-focused courses to their teaching portfolios.

The purpose of this program is to provide financial resources for faculty members at American and Canadian universities who need such resources to deepen their knowledge of Israel.

Faculty Development Grants enable scholars to conduct research, travel to Israel, hone language skills, or pursue any other activity that would be conducive to developing and teaching courses about modern Israel.

Grant awards are $10,000. Half of the award is disbursed prior to course development and the second half is paid during the first semester the course is taught.

  • Eligibility
  • Program Requirements
  • How to Apply
  • University Support

Applicants must have a fully completed doctoral degree and a full-time, long-term position at a college or university in the United States or Canada. Adjuncts are not eligible for this grant program.

Successful proposals clearly explain how the work undertaken through the grant will result in ongoing course content and strong enrollments.

This is a selective program; the Israel Institute does not guarantee awards to those who apply.

Proposed courses may be in any discipline, but must be Israel-focused, with at least sixty percent of the topics and readings being about modern Israel.

Courses that are developed with grants from this program must be taught by the applicant, listed at the undergraduate level, last an entire semester or quarter (10-week minimum), and be taught at least once every other year.

Online Application
To be considered for a Faculty Development Grant, you must complete the online application that asks questions about you, your university, and your proposed course(s).

The application also requires:

  • A high-resolution headshot (300 ppi);
  • A short bio;
  • An academic curriculum vitae (CV); and
  • A proposal of no more than two double-spaced pages. Please use the following categories and format for your proposal:

Course: Provide the working title and description of the course you plan to develop.

Plan: Create a timeline for developing the course, including the semester and year in which the course will launched. Describe what activities you would engage in during this timeline.

Budget: In a short paragraph, describe how you intend to use the funds.

Final awards are contingent upon a letter of university support from a dean or department chair certifying that you will teach the new Israel-focused course regularly.

The Institute gives priority to courses taught by single instructors. If you plan to co-teach the course, both faculty members must apply.

Grant awards are contingent upon a written commitment by your university to run your proposed course regularly in the future. This commitment letter does not need to be included in the application but must be received before the award can be made.

Grants can be issued in one of two ways:

As a grant to the faculty member:

To receive a grant in this format, the Institute requires a letter on university letterhead from a dean or department chair that:

  • Lists the name of the course and semester when the university plans to launch it;
  • Confirms that the course will offered for the first time within 18 months of the grant request;
  • Certifies the course will be a full term, three-credit course, taught in-person at the undergraduate level; and
  • Certifies the applicant will teach the new Israel-focused course not less than once every two years.

Download a customizable template for a university invitation.

As a grant to the university:

For grants directly to the university, connect our staff to the contracting office at your university and we will send a contract.

Meet Some Grant Recipients

Babu George

Christian Brothers University

Business and Society in Israel

Habiba Boumlik

City University of New York

Deconstructing Middle East Cinema

Frank Jacobitz

University of California San Diego

Water in California and Israel

Dorothea Wolfson

Johns Hopkins University

Israeli Democracy in Focus

Andrew Novo

National Defense University

Energy and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

Liah Greenfeld

Boston University

Democracy in the Middle East

Jeffrey Meiser

University of Portland

Arab/Israeli Conflict

Anne Goldman

Sonoma State University

Amos Oz in Modern Israel

A grant from the Israel Institute made my course possible on 'Amos Oz in Modern Israel' by providing me release time to thoroughly prepare, as well as by providing me with research funds to buy the books I felt were necessary to read.”

Anne Goldman
Professor of Literature and Creative Writing
Sonoma State University

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