Teaching Fellow Program


Our Teaching Fellow Program places academics of various ranks and nationalities, who have the interest and expertise to teach about modern Israel, at American campuses. This program is intended for Israel experts who are available to be placed by the Israel Institute at colleges and universities in the United States for three years.


This program is open to academics of all nationalities and ranks who possess Ph.D.s and strong English skills, can teach a wide variety of classes about modern Israel, and are willing to be placed at colleges and universities in the United States by the Israel Institute. Candidates must be able to commit to a three-year placement.


The Institute has agreements with colleges and universities interested in hosting Teaching Fellows. The Institute solicits applications on behalf of these partner institutions and forwards the strongest applications to the schools that make final award decisions. With these program details in mind, Teaching Fellow applicants do not solicit invitations from institutions but, rather, must be willing to teach where placed.

Grant recipients must teach at least four full (three-credit) courses and organize at least four academic/community events each year. Two of the courses and all four of the events must be related to modern Israel. Grant amounts vary depending on the school.

This is a selective program and the Israel Institute does not guarantee placement to those who apply.


Teaching Fellow grant recipients must agree to our list of commitments.


  1. Attend a pre-trip orientation in Israel, which will primarily address the laws to which you will be subject, and with which you will be expected to comply, while teaching in the United States;
  2. Teach four (4) full (three-credit) courses each academic year at the university, at least two (2) of which are focused on modern Israel. These courses will be taught during the regular academic year (i.e., not during summer or intensive sessions);
  3. Organize and implement at least four (4) public or academic events about Israel each academic year;
  4. Coordinate the precise classes, course content, and schedule of your classes with the University;
  5. Provide the Institute with your course titles by May 20, 2020, and syllabi two (2) weeks before the beginning of the semester;
  6. Make efforts to cross-list and advertise your courses to ensure maximum enrollment;
  7. Administer a pre-test and post-test of knowledge about the topic of your Israel-related classes to measure students' learning about Israel over the course of the semester and report the results to the Institute. While you will be provided with general instructions regarding the preparation of such tests, you will be largely responsible for crafting the individual questions;
  8. At the end of each semester, for informational purposes, respond to Institute requests about about your professional activity, including, but not limited to, course enrollment, information about where/when you gave public/academic talks, and audience attendance at such talks;
  9. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and University policies and procedures during the Grant Period; and
  10. Use the title “Israel Institute Teaching Fellow” on all correspondence, publications, and whenever you are publicly identified during the Grant Period, including adding such title to your e-mail automatic signature.

The deadline to apply for a Teaching Fellowship has passed. Please check back in spring 2020 to apply for Teaching Fellowships beginning in AY2021-2022.


To be considered for the Teaching Fellow Program, please submit the following materials:

  1. Our online application;
  2. High-resolution headshot (300 ppi);
  3. An academic curriculum vitae (C.V.);
  4. A syllabus for a course you have taught about Israel (if you have taught one before);
  5. A statement on your teaching experience and philosophy. This should be a single document with three distinct sections:
  • In the first section, list the courses you have taught about modern Israel, along with a one-paragraph course description for each. Indicate the number of times you have taught the course(s), where you taught it/them, the level(s), and number of students enrolled.
  • In the second section, list any additional courses you could potentially teach about modern Israel, along with a one-paragraph course description for each.
  • In the third section, list the non-Israel-related courses you have taught along with a one-paragraph course description for each. Clearly identify the number of times you have taught the course(s), where you taught it/them, the level(s), and number of students enrolled.

NOTE: Please include your full name on all documents you upload with your application.