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Hila Shamir

Expert in Law/Legal Theory/Courts, Migration/Immigration/Refugees, Gender
Academic Year
University of California--Berkeley

Hila Shamir is a Professor of Law at Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law. Professor Shamir's fields of interest are human trafficking, immigration law, labor law, employment law, welfare law, globalization, law and social theory, and feminist legal thought. She received an European Research Council (ERC) grant to pursue research on a labor approach to human trafficking, and established TraffLab – Labor Perspective to Human Trafficking research project (2018-2023). Professor Shamir has taught at Georgetown University, University of California at Berkeley, Cornell University, and Harvard University. She is a co-author of, Governance Feminism: An Introduction (Minnesota U. Press, 2018). Professor Shamir earned a S.J.D. (2008) and LL.M. (2005) from Harvard University and a LL.B. (2003) from Tel Aviv University.