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Luba Levin-Banchik

Expert in IR/International Law/Diplomacy/Trade, Security/Defense/Terrorism
Academic Year
San Diego State University
San Diego State University

Luba Levin-Banchik is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at California State University at San Bernardino and Region Program Chair and President-elect of the International Studies Association West (ISA-West). Dr. Levin-Banchik's fields of interest are international relations with a focus on global and national security, international crises, conflict processes, and terrorism. She is especially interested in the foreign policy, geopolitics, and national security policy of the United States, Russia, Israel, and other actors across the globe. Her expertise also includes scholarship on teaching and learning, with a focus on the design, application, and study of role-play simulations. Dr. Levin-Banchik has previously taught at San Diego State University, University of Toronto, and the University of California at Davis. She received her Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University (2016).