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Moshe Maor

Expert in Policy, Government/Political Systems
Academic Year
New York University

Moshe Maor is a Professor of Political Science and the Wolfson Family Chair in Public Administration at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Maor's fields of interest include comparative politics, comparative public administration, bureaucratic politics, and public policy dynamics. He has written extensively on European politics, bureaucratic reputations, and disproportionate policy responses. Currently, Professor Maor is engaged in creating a novel foundation for the study of disproportionate response in politics and public policy, and the resulting implications for modern democracy. Using behavioral insights, he develops models to predict policy over- and under-design; policy over- and underreaction; over- and underreaction policy styles; policy bubbles; and the interaction between policy bubbles. Professor Maor received his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science (1992).