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Nachman Shai

Expert in Diaspora, Government/Political Systems, Security/Defense/Terrorism
Academic Year
Emory University
Duke University

Nachman Shai is the current Minister of Diaspora Affairs. Dr. Shai previously taught at Emory University and Duke University and is a former Member of the Knesset (2009–2019). His areas of interest are diplomacy and Israeli foreign relations, public diplomacy, public policy, Israeli politics, military and defense, and Israel modern history. He is the author of, Hearts and Minds: Israel and the Battle for Public Opinion (SUNY Press; Unabridged edition, 2018), Caught in the Net (Modan Publishing House Ltd, 2016), and Media War (Miskal Yedioth Ahronoth Book, 2013). Dr. Shai received his Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University (2010).