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Nili Alon Amit

Expert in Education
Academic Year
University of California--Los Angeles

Nili Alon Amit is the Director of Education at the David Labkovski Project. Dr. Alon Amit's areas of interest are philosophy, literature, and Israeli philosophy of education. She was previously a Visiting Research Scholar at the UCLA Nazarian Center for Israel Studies (2020-2022), a Visiting Assistant Professor at UCLA (2019-20), a Lecturer at Hakibutzim Academic College, and a Lecturer and Academic Advisor at Oranim Academic College. Her latest publication is, Happiness, Stability and Transcendence in Western Religion, Philosophy and Poetry (Cambridge Scholars, 2021), which includes primary sources on happiness in their original ancient languages, including Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin, along with their scholarly translations into English. Dr. Alon Amit received her Ph.D. from the University of Haifa (2013).