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Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship

The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship supports multi-year academic exchange of Israeli scholars at leading American public universities.
Period of Placement

Academic Year 2025-2026


September 10, 2024

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The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship supports Israeli scholars interested in pursuing multi-year postdoctoral placements at top public universities in the United States.

This prestigious three-year grant is awarded to select applicants. It covers an amount up to the average salary for a postdoc in the appropriate department, with additional funding potentially available to defray the cost of enrolling in a university health insurance program.

This grant can be used in support of a fellowship at any top 100 public university in the United States as ranked by US News and World Report where the Institute does not have an existing placement. The Institute must approve all schools before fellows seek invitations.

  • Eligibility
  • Program Requirements
  • How to Apply

The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship is open to Israeli scholars with strong English skills who are willing to commit to three-year placements at universities in the United States.

Applicants must have a fully conferred doctoral degree prior to July 31 of the year in which they begin their placement and have expertise in modern Israel as demonstrated by a dissertation or at least two peer-reviewed publications about modern Israel.

This program is for people seeking full-time, multi-year positions at American universities. This is a selective program; the Israel Institute does not guarantee grants to those who apply.

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows teach at least four courses a year, at least three of which focus on modern Israel.

Courses may be taught in any discipline but, to be considered an Israel-focused course, at least sixty percent of the topics and readings must be about modern Israel. Courses must be worth at least three credits, offered at the undergraduate level, taught in person, and last an entire semester or quarter (at least 10 weeks). Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships do not support graduate, online, summer, or intensive courses.

Each year, Fellows also speak about modern Israel at four events. These events may be public or academic but must occur outside the classroom.

Fellows are not employees of the Israel Institute and must coordinate hiring with a university. Postdocs should plan to cover their own expenses including, but not limited to, living expenses, taxes, health insurance, travel expenses, bench fees, etc. Israel Institute grants do not pay for university administrative costs, fees, overhead, or indirect costs.

Online Application
While working on an application, you may leave and come back. The application asks questions about you, your education, and your teaching experience. The application also requires:

  • A high-resolution headshot (300 ppi);
  • A short bio;
  • An academic curriculum vitae (CV);
  • Your dissertation abstract in English;
  • A list of courses you have taught or could teach about Israel; and
  • Two course outlines. You will be asked to select two courses from a list that we will provide and, for each course, provide a course description and ten specific topics you would cover if you were to teach the course.

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Being a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at an elite American university enables faculty to build relationships with other scholars and a network of connections that they can work with in the future.”

Dr. Ariel Roth, Executive Director

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