Faculty Development Grants


The Israel Institute offers grants to tenured faculty members to help them add Israel-focused courses to their teaching portfolios. The purpose of this program is to assist professors who have the interest and desire, but not yet the expertise, to teach courses about modern Israel. Faculty Development grants afford select scholars the opportunity to conduct research, travel to Israel, hone language skills, or pursue any other activity that would be conducive to developing and teaching Israel Studies courses.


This program is open to tenured and tenure-track faculty who want to add a new course about modern Israel to their regular rotation and who specialize in a subject applicable to Israel studies, broadly defined. Previous grant recipients have developed courses in history, literature, security studies, peace and conflict studies, theater and dance, and more.


Grant amounts will be determined based on an assessment of successful applicants’ proposed agendas and budgets. The average award is $10,000. Successful proposals clearly explain how the work undertaken through the grant will result in ongoing course content and strong enrollments. Awards will be contingent upon a letter from a dean or department chair certifying that the faculty member will teach the new Israel-focused course as part of a regular teaching rotation (not less frequently than once every two years).

Grant RECIPIENT Commitments

Faculty Development grant recipients must agree to:


  1. Within one year of receiving the Grant, send to the Institute the final syllabus that you develop;
  2. Offer the new course regularly and not less than once every other year. This course will be taught during the regular academic year (i.e., not during summer or intensive sessions);
  3. Make efforts to cross-list and advertise your courses to ensure maximum enrollment; 
  4. Report to the Institute when you offer the class and how many people enroll;
  5. Remain a member in good standing of the faculty at your University;
  6. Allow the Institute to use your name, photo, biography, and short description of your proposed course on our website and in publicity materials;
  7. Disclose additional sources of funding for this project; and
  8. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and your University rules and policies during the Grant Period. 


Please check back in April 2020 for information on how to apply.


To be considered for a Faculty Development Grant, please submit the following materials:

  1. Our online application;
  2. High-Resolution Headshot (300 ppi)
  3. An academic curriculum vitae (C.V.); and
  4. A proposal of no more than five double-spaced pages. Please use the following categories and format for your proposal:
  • Interest: Explain your interest and background in creating a new course about modern Israel.
  • Course: Provide the working title and description of the course you plan to develop.
  • Plan: Create a timeline for developing and launching the course and describe what activities you would engage in during this timeline.
  • Institutional Support: Describe the prospects for ongoing institutional and departmental support for the course. Include a description of if and how the chair and dean are supporting your effort and if the course will meet major/minor or graduation requirements.
  • Budget: Provide a detailed budget for how the grant money would be spent.

NOTE: Please include your full name on all documents you upload with your application.