International Courses Program

Campus Building at the University of OxfordThe International Courses Program supports in-person, undergraduate courses about modern Israel at colleges and universities outside the United States and Israel that do not have resident experts available. Courses may be intensive or span a full semester but must be for credit and include a minimum of 30 classroom hours over at least 10 days of instruction.

Grant amounts are $10,000 per class for courses in OSCE countries & $12,000 per course in non-member countries. 

Our grants do not pay for college/university administrative costs, fees, overhead, or indirect costs. Scholars receiving International Course grants are not employees of the Institute and must coordinate hiring with a university.





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This program accepts rolling applications. Apply any time, as long as your application is received five months before your course starts. 


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Please contact Erika Falk, Program Director, at with any questions. 

Other programs

If you are employed full time at an Israeli higher education institution, you may also be interested in our Visiting Faculty Program.


Israeli faculty (or professors emeriti) who have/had full-time appointments at Israeli colleges and universities, and who have or can obtain invitations to teach about Israel, may apply for these grants.

We prioritize courses held in countries that are NOT member states of the OSCS.

Proposed courses must be about modern Israel, offered in-person, at the undergraduate level, meet on at least 10 distinct days, contain at least 30 classroom hours, and be for credit. We do not sponsor graduate-level or online courses.

how to apply

Fill out our Online Form: The application contains a form that asks questions about the instructor, the host university, and the proposed course.

Upload: The application also asks you to upload the following items:

1.  A headshot;

2.  Instructor’s CV;

3.  An invitation from the host school. The invitation must include:

  • The name of the Israel-focused course the host school will run;
  • The name of the instructor; 
  • Certification that the course will be offered in person, at the undergraduate level, and be for credit;
  • The dates, times, and total contact hours for the course; and
  • A commitment to promote robust enrollment in the course.


This program accepts rolling applications. Apply any time, as long as your application is received five months before your course starts.  

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For questions about the International Courses Program, please contact Dr. Erika Falk, Program Director, at

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