The Israel Institute supports the publication of books on Israel through a number of avenues, including research grants, monograph grants, and translation support.

Yossi Sucary
Translation Support

Selected Articles

Vater, Roman. "Beyond bi-nationalism? The Young Hebrews versus the ‘Palestinian issue’." Journal of Political Ideologies 21.1 (2016): 45-60.

Zaban, Hila. "City of go (l) d: Spatial and cultural effects of high-status Jewish immigration from Western countries on the Baka neighbourhood of Jerusalem." Urban Studies (2016).

Ben-Dror, Elad, and Asaf Ziedler. "Israel, Jordan, and their Efforts to Frustrate the United Nations Resolutions to Internationalise Jerusalem." Diplomacy & Statecraft 26.4 (2015): 636-658.

Haklai, Oded, and Liora Norwich. "Bound by Tradition: The Exclusion of Minority Ethnonational Parties from Coalition Governments—A Comparison of Israel and Canada." Ethnopolitics (2015): 1-20.

McGonigle, Ian V., and Lauren W. Herman. "Genetic citizenship: DNA testing and the Israeli Law of Return." Journal of Law and the Biosciences (2015).

Course Content

Online Courses

This Institute-supported course, designed and moderated by Hebrew University professor Michal Frenkel, features 17 guest lectures by Israeli experts in a range of topics exploring various dimensions of Israel's society and political system. 

Participants have the option of earning Hebrew University credits. 

This class, taught by Tel Aviv University professors Eyal Naveh and Asher Susser and supported by the Israel Institute, covers the rise of Israel from the origins of Zionism to Israeli independence in 1948.

This course, the second installment of a TAU-Israel Institute partnership, deals with the Israeli politics, foreign relations, economy, society, and culture since its creation in 1948 till today.