For Teachers

The following resources may be used to guide the structure of an Israel Studies course syllabus. You are welcome to download them as a model or template for your own use.

Digital Content

Digital learning initiatives, including online courses, video series, and podcasts, reach new audiences who otherwise might not have the opportunity to study modern Israel. We are proud to partner with Coursera and top Israeli universities to provide academic content appropriate to general communities.

Israel State and Society

This Institute-supported course, designed and moderated by Hebrew University professor Michal Frenkel, features 17 guest lectures by Israeli experts in a range of topics exploring various dimensions of Israel's society and political system. 

Participants have the option of earning Hebrew University credits. 

A History of Modern Israel, Part II

This course, the second installment of a TAU-Israel Institute partnership, deals with the Israeli politics, foreign relations, economy, society, and culture since its creation in 1948 till today. 

A History of Modern Israel, Part I

This class, taught by Tel Aviv University professors Eyal Naveh and Asher Susser and supported by the Israel Institute, covers the rise of Israel from the origins of Zionism to Israeli independence in 1948.